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Enjoy the moment with the flavours of Başka Ol!

From aromatic coffees to calorie-calculated flavours, indulge your senses, and enjoy every moment in this other place.

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Unique burgers, enticing flavors...

Treat yourself to delicious burgers served with crispy fries prepared by local and fresh ingredients.

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Start your day with a different breakfast.

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Pizza, the classic flavour of Italian cuisine, is reinterpreted in the ovens of Başka Ol.

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Happiness is just a bite away with the inviting scent of Başka Ol's freshly baked flavours and accompanying handmade chocolates!

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At Başka Ol, the flavour does not only end with the food, it is refreshed with every sip with delicious drinks.

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Başka Ol Cafe

Watch the video to take a virtual tour of Başka Ol.

Whether in the fine print or during enjoyable breaks...

Freshly ground hot and cold coffees prepared with different brewing methods are waiting for you at Başka Ol.

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