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We believe that a bicycle is more than just a vehicle.

For Başka Ol, bikes embody the spirit of freedom, and enabling you to connect with your surroundings. It becomes a trusted companion, nurturing both your body and mind, all while leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

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Sports Equipment

Whether you are pedalling to a nearby point or embarking on a great adventure, Başka Ol brings together those who feel that life is flowing outside and believe that the story begins while pedalling, with bike brands.

Types of Bicycles

Find your perfect board at Başka Ol, and embark on an unforgettable skateboarding adventure.

Types of Skateboards

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating experience with sport equipments offered at Başka Ol!

Types of Sporting Goods

Our Bicycle Brands on Sale

Bicycle brands are as follows: CARRARO, DAHON, SALCANO, TREK. You can get more information by contacting us.

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  • Accordion Bike City Bikes

    This type of bicycle, which is suitable for asphalt or light off-road conditions, is proper for city use. It usually has medium-thick, treadless tyres and 28" rims. There are also 26 rim models as another size option.

  • Accordion Bike Mountain Bikes

    They are bicycles that are usually produced with shock absorbers and have thicker and toothed tyres designed for use in difficult terrain conditions. It is usually produced in 26 - 27.5 and 29 rim sizes.

  • Accordion Bike Road Bikes

    It is a type of bicycle with a light, rigid frame structure and designed for use on the road with thin tyres. They do not have shock absorbers to transmit higher speed and power directly to the road. The weight of road bikes, which usually have 28" wheel size, varies between 7 - 12 kg.

  • Accordion Bike Folding Bikes

    It is a folding bicycle model that usually has 16" and 20" wheel size and can weigh 11 - 14 kg. It is designed for urban use, especially for use in public transport.

  • Accordion Bike Child’s Bikes

    There are child’s bike models with aluminium and steel frames, usually the weight difference is not much because the frame is small, and there is not much difference between the equipment. If it will be used in slope areas, geared models can be preferred. 12,14,16,20 and 24 rim models are generally classified as child’s bike.

  • Accordion Bike Cruiser Bikes

    Their frames can be steel or aluminium. There are suitable luggage holes for carrying goods. Geared models should be preferred for hilly cities. Tour bikes, which are a type of city bikes, have medium-thick, treadless tyres and 28" size rims.

Bicycle Care

With its repair, maintenance, spare parts and accessory services, Başka Ol enables the open road to be your canvas while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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